Facilitated by
  • Rebekah Giffney

This is an interactive, inclusive and practical session to support you in creating, sustaining and in some cases resetting your team culture.

We know that teams are shouldering an ever-increasing burden of responsibility as they are required to manage an increasing combination of competing factors, such as, financial constraints, backlog demands, workforce shortages, staff morale, over-reliance on regulation and a centrally-driven target culture. This session provides an opportunity to access practical, easy-to-apply methods and approaches which are designed to support you and your team.

The session will cover:

  • An assessment of your team’s current culture baseline
  • How to build on the strengths of your team’s foundations
  • Practical guidance on how to move teams forward into a healthier team culture
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  • Facilitator

    Rebekah Giffney

    Rebekah is an experienced Chartered Occupational Psychologist, with more than 18 years’ experience working with individuals, teams and organisations.

    Rebekah is passionate about helping people realise their full potential. With her team of practitioners Rebekah provides a range of learning opportunities that hone and harness the skills, expertise and abilities of people to meet the situations and challenges they face at work.

    Rebekah started her career in Primary Care and now works exclusively with the NHS. She currently delivers a range of bespoke interventions across GP Practices, PCNs, CCGs/ICS and secondary care. Rebekah is at the forefront of the provision of leadership, culture and team development for clinicians and managers and believes that understanding the context, culture and impact of now is vital in supporting people to get through the challenge of now. All her work is grounded in the science of psychology but she focuses on how to apply that knowledge and learning in a practical and lived way.