The NETS is now open and remain open until midnight on 28th November 2023.

The NETS is open to responses from all undergraduate and postgraduate students and trainees undertaking a practice placement or training post in healthcare, as part of their education or training programme.

NHSE need your help to signpost as many respondents as possible to the survey. Please use this publication material to send to learners, Provider Toolkit and Learner Toolkit. All the information and promotional material in these toolkits are also available to download from this webpage. These include; email banners and signatures, MS team backgrounds, posters, social media promotion, flyers and a short video on the NETS.

To reach as many learners as possible please ensure all students or trainees you are in contact with, and any Course Leaders, Placement Providers and University Administrators who have direct contact with students and trainees are aware of the survey link.