TASTER places: PCI accredited advanced group care skills training for personalised care practitioners

In May and June 2023, ELC are offering the opportunity to join their new PCI accredited advanced group care skills training for personalised care practitioner module

This offer is limited to May and June dates. Book your place: https://www.elcworks.co.uk/advanced-personalised-care-practitioner-training/

This promotional code will provide you with access free of charge: PERSONALISEDCARE2023

The available dates are:

Wednesday, 17th May, 09.00am – 11.00pm

Thursday, 8th June,10.00am – 12.00pm

This advanced skills module is targeted at the ARRS personalised care roles, and helps them to explore how they can undertake group assessments and follow ups using a group care model e.g.

  • Complete group holistic needs assessments and co-create personalised plans in line with 5 steps to well-being in a group setting
  • Run group coaching and group personalised care and support planning
  • Offer group follow up and “check in” sessions for clients
  • Get more from personalised care pathways by combining group care with one to one sessions

Normally, they would expect learners to have completed group clinic basic and simulation training.

However, as a stand-alone, this module will help PCN personalised care leads and others to understand and explore the potential of personalised group care as part of their personalised care offer to clients and patients.   

If you have other clinical roles supporting group clinics who are part of the ARRS scheme, then ELC would advise they attend the advanced clinician training.

Please do book on if this taster offer is of interest to you and your team.