Sponsored by the Chief Sustainability Officer and managed by FMLM, the scheme has been established to identify and support clinicians who want to develop as clinical leaders and sustainability champions of the future. It offers clinicians with a passion for sustainability a unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills and support the NHS to realise its net zero ambitions.

Those appointed to the scheme will work by engaging directly with the most senior leaders in the NHS, helping to embed net zero carbon principles across the healthcare system.

Who is it for:

Recognising the unique contribution each clinical specialism can make in reaching net zero, the scheme is multi-professional and welcomes applications from allied health professionals, dentists, doctors in training [including public health registrars and SAS doctors], healthcare scientists, nurses, midwives and pharmacists from across England. It is aimed at aspiring future clinical leaders that have not held senior leadership roles previously.

Successful candidates gain:

  • a range of skills including leadership and management, policy development, project management, research, and analysis
  • supported leadership and personal development
  • the opportunity to lead on key projects which contribute to national sustainable/net zero healthcare priorities
  • access to professional healthcare and climate change networks at all levels
  • a highly developed understanding of sustainable healthcare policy and application
  • the skills to lead positive change
  • enhanced capabilities at developing and working with teams and to support others in developing their own personal insight and effectiveness.

For more information and to sign up, visit: https://www.fmlm.ac.uk/clinical-fellow-schemes/chief-sustainability-officer%E2%80%99s-clinical-fellow-scheme