EQUIP have published their upcoming online Primary Care training courses for Autumn 2023.

Training Event – Non-clinical staffDateLocationLink
Practice Finance – an Introduction28th September 2023Onlinemore information
Red Flags for Receptionists5th October 2023Onlinemore information
Caldicott Guardian12th October 2023Onlinemore information
Subject Access Requests (SAR) and Redaction Training12th October 2023Onlinemore information
Practice Finance Beyond the Basics17th October 2023Onlinemore information
Discharge Summary – SystmOne and EMIS31st October 2023Onlinemore information
CQC All You Need To Know1st November 2023Onlinemore information
Ardens Searches, Reports and LTC Recalls (SystmOne)2nd November 2023Onlinemore information
Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Training14th November 2023Onlinemore information
Correspondence Management and Workflow Optimisation21st & 28th November 2023Onlinemore information
Prescribing Clerk Training22nd November 2023Onlinemore information
Personally Administered Items – Maximise Your Reimbursements23rd November 2023Onlinemore information
Medical Terminology for Beginners30th November 2023Onlinemore information
GMS Contract and QOF Changeson demandOnlinemore information
Developing Your Front of House Skills5th December 2023Onlinemore information
Achieving Quality in Medical Records – Notes Summarising (EMIS & SystmOne)6th December 2023Onlinemore information
CQC for Practice Teams – Lunch & Learn21st March 2024Onlinemore information
Training Event – GPsDateLocationLink
Cytology Update for GPs22nd September 2023OnlineMore information
Safeguarding Level 327th September 2023OnlineMore information
Caldicott Guardian12th October 2023OnlineMore information
Subject Access Request (SAR) and Redaction Training12th October 2023OnlineMore information
Contraception Update for GPs16th January 2024OnlineMore information
Training Event – HCAs/GPAs/non-registered staffDateLocationLink
Long Term Conditions19th & 27th September 2023Onlinemore information
Blood Tests and Their Meanings4th October 2023Onlinemore information
The Essentials of Hypertension18th October 2023Onlinemore information
Diabetic Foot Checks24th November 2023Onlinemore information
Immunisation Update29th November 2023Onlinemore information
An Introduction to Contraception and Asymptomatic STI Screening10th January 2023Onlinemore information
Training Event – Nurses/Registered Healthcare ProfessionalsDateLocationLink
Safeguarding Level 327th September 2023OnlineMore information
Introduction to Diabetes9th October 2023OnlineMore information
Matters of Heart – the ABC of Cardiovascular Disease23rd October 2023OnlineMore information
Menopause Update6th November 2023OnlineMore information
Diabetic Foot Checks24th November 2023OnlineMore information
Introduction to Contraception28th & 29th November 2023OnlineMore information
The Management of Cardiovascular Disease in Primary Care Update8th December 2023OnlineMore information
The Management of Coronary Heart Disease in Primary Care Update8th December 2023OnlineMore information
Cytology Update for Nurses17th January 2024OnlineMore information
Prescribing Update22nd January 2024OnlineMore information
Childhood & Adult Immunisations – Update14th February 2024OnlineMore information
Contraception Update28th February 2024OnlineMore information
Diabetes Update18th March 2024OnlineMore information
Long Term Conditions – the 10 minute review19th March 2024OnlineMore information
Interpreting Blood Results20th March 2024OnlineMore information