We are delighted to extend an invitation to you for the Healthcare Cyber Security Conference: Future-Proofing the NHS, scheduled to take place on June 19th, 2024, at the 15 Hatfield’s Conference Centre in London.

In light of the escalating cybersecurity challenges faced by the National Health Service, this conference provides a crucial platform for senior managers and leaders to address the pressing need for robust cybersecurity measures.

Timely Relevance: With the healthcare sector increasingly targeted by cyber threats, it’s imperative to safeguard sensitive patient data and ensure uninterrupted healthcare services. This event offers essential insights and strategies to fortify the healthcare system against evolving cyber threats.

Why Attend:

Participate in panel discussions, keynote presentations, and case studies led by industry experts to gain actionable insights into cybersecurity best practices tailored for the healthcare sector.

Registration is still open, to secure a complimentary place register here:: https://www.convenzis.co.uk/events/the-cyber-security-conference-june-2024