Do you want to refresh your memory on how to perform and interpret spirometry?  Are you new to spirometry? If so, these are the courses for you.


1 hour Interpretation Update Sessions:

Mon 29th Jan 2024 (1pm-2pm)

Tues 27th Feb 2024 (1pm-2pm)

Thurs 12th March 2024 (1pm-2pm)

Weds 27th March 2024 (1pm-2pm)

Full Day Performance & Interpretation Sessions:

Tues 23rd Jan 2024 (9-2pm)

Weds 7th Feb 2024 (9-2pm)

Thurs 7th March 2024 (9-2pm)

Weds 20th March 2024 (9-2pm)

Performance Only Sessions:

Thurs 25th Jan 2024 (9-2pm)

Tue 30th Jan 2024 (9-2pm)

Tues 22nd Feb 2024 (9-2pm)

Weds 13th March 2024 (9-2pm)

Venue: MS Teams.  This is a virtual course.  Access this from your home or at work.

Trainers: Natasha Beckett Post Grad Dip, BSc (Hons) ARTP Full Certificate and Katharine Plumbe MSc, BSc (Hons), ARTP Qualified Full Certificate.

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