Krystal Appleby and Kerry Dickinson, both Reception Supervisors from The Heron Medical Practice, presented at NHS South East region Covid oximetry@home and virtual wards webinar. The webinar was able to hear from Krystal and Kerry, staff directly involved in contacting patients, to get a better understanding of how the scheme is operating.

Kerry and Krystal said: “This was an interesting (but a bit daunting) opportunity for us. We think it was good that the webinar was able to hear about how the proactive management of patients was working from the point of view of practice staff actually running the scheme.

“We were also able to tell people about the almost universal positive reaction to oximetry@home from patients. One told us that our calls to monitor their oxygen levels was like a hug! It is a very rewarding role and despite it not being the best of circumstances the patients are so grateful, and it’s amazing to think that we have made even a small impact to those patients’ lives. I will be proud to one day tell my grandchildren I was actively involved in helping patients during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Almost 6,000 oximeters have now been distributed in Kent and Medway and over 200 patients have been escalated to A&E due to low oximeter readings – there is no doubt that this scheme has saved lives.

The hard work and commitment of everyone involved to delivering oximetry@home in the midst of such competing priorities is astounding and much appreciated, especially by patients; as Kerry and Krystal can testify. The success in Kent and Medway is now getting noticed in the media and the team is being asked by other areas about how this has been achieved.

The NHS South East region Covid oximetry@home and virtual wards webinar session recording is ready for viewing here. You can download a summary of the Q&As from the webinar here. The CCG’s press notice can be found here.