The Frailty Identification, Stratification and Assessment via Electronic Frailty Index, Clinical Frailty/Rockwood Score and Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment are vital for our Kent and Medway population. Additionally, the Experience Based Design (EBD) Methodology is something that could immensely help us inform our patient, professional and processes needs as well as wider issues of patient and professional experiences influencing our future models of care.

These sessions will enhance ALL our Ageing and Dying Well Programme needs regardless of our roles or settings and we would encourage you to share the details below widely and register as soon as possible for this unique opportunity shared by the NHS Elect Team with K&M focus. 

There are 3 webinars:

  1. Kent and Medway EDB webinar and planning session –SWFN on 16th August 2023, 12:30-14:00  

There are several ways to collect patient feedback, including surveys, interviews, and focus groups, among others and many of these focus on how satisfied the patient or carer or staff is about their care or the service rather than understanding how our services make people feel.

This webinar aims to explain Experience Based Design (EBD) methodology, its application and use in examining the experience of older people living with frailty.

NHS Elect have co-produced several EBD tools to harness people’s emotions to identify areas for improvements centred on them.  If you’re interested in person centred improvement and understanding what matters to people in your services, EBD is the tool for you. Participants will leave with the information they need to undertake EBD studies locally, supported by the NHS Elect team.

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  1. Kent and Medway SWFN webinar: Frailty Identification & Stratification across the system- what will that mean? On 17th August, 13:00-14:30

This webinar will explore the concept of Frailty and its identification across the system. Currently we know that in primary care the eFI tool is used whereas in acute care the UK uses the Clinical Frailty scale (CFS, Rockwood scale) and the HFRS may also be used. In Community services there may also be other identification tools used and in care homes frailty seen to be present. We also know that older people do not always like the term frailty but equally can understand the term and can see themselves when they are becoming frail. So a question commonly asked is so what tool do we use? Does it matter if it differs across the system? How can we all speak the same language of frailty and aim to make frailty more than just a label or number? 

This webinar aims to explain why it is important to identify frailty in the population and how knowing about frailty and identifying it can then lead to an understanding of what to do next across all parts of the integrated system.

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  1. Kent and Medway SWFN webinar: Frailty Assessment & then what? The importance of CGA across the system. On 21st September 2023, 13:00-14:30

Following on from being able to identify and stratify frailty, this webinar aims to explore what next after assessment for frailty. We will also explore why the Comprehensive Geriatric assessment is so important to the person living with frailty, to early recognise and respond to other commonly associated geriatric giants.

Using examples from practice the webinar will explore how within systems different areas can work together to develop a truly MDT approach to CGA and care planning in those who live with frailty.

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