There is a conference on Women’s Health Professional Care which sits within the Best Practice brand and is around the corner on Wednesday, 28th and Thursday, 29th February at Olympia, London. It is the largest gathering of general practice HCPs from within London and the South-East, and it is FREE to attend!

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At Women’s Health Professional Care you have a huge choice of educational content. Our 3 different theatres provide both clinical and non-clinical education for all HCPs with a specialist interest in women’s health. Attendees will earn up to 12 hours accredited CPD in support of their medical re-validation.

The Menopause Theatre: The Menopause Theatre provides educational content for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of women’s post-reproductive health. Sessions will cover the diagnosis of menopause and perimenopause and provide practical prescribing tips for effectively managing menopause symptoms through both HRT and lifestyle factors.

The Contraception and Reproductive Health Theatre: The Contraception & Reproductive Health Theatre brings together expert specialist speakers to discuss the wide range of hormonal contraception options available to women throughout their lives. It offers valuable guidance on prescribing contraception in complex cases. Sessions will also cover menstrual and gynaecological health, including the diagnosis and management of conditions such as gynaecological cancers, PCOS, and endometriosis.

Women’s Health Workshop: Through a series of interactive sessions, panel discussions, and presentations, the Women’s Health Workshop covers key clinical and non-clinical priorities. The workshop will provide sessions on breast cancer, neurodiversity, and patient experiences. Additionally, it will adopt a broader lens to explore how resolving wider societal issues, such as health inequalities and violence against women and girls, will have a direct impact on women’s health outcomes.