The Role

The time dedicated to patients who have mental health conditions or needs in primary care is significant. MHP are often the first contact, freeing GP time and providing high quality mental healthcare to patients with mental health problems or illnesses in a neutral environment.

MHPs are employed by the local community mental health services provider under a local service agreement but are wholly deployed by the PCN.

Benefits for the Practice

  • No formal referral processes required.
  • Provides a bridge between primary care and specialist mental health providers.
  • Can draw on a range of provider mental health services.
  • Improved integration between primary care and mental health.

Benefits for the Patient

  • Integrated pathway for patients
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Access to specialist mental health support
  • Support self-management of conditions
  • Positive patient experience.

Training & Development

MHP will need a graduate or postgraduate qualification in the relevant field to qualify.


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