The Role

General Practice Nurses (GPN) are registered nurses who works autonomously in doctors’ surgeries, medical or health centres as part of the multi-disciplinary Primary Care team. Their role is extremely varied and demand clinical expertise, organisation and leadership skills. Practice Nurses work with the multi-professional team to deliver care to patients; the level of care will depend both on the practice and on the PN’s level of practice.

Working in general practice offers many opportunities for nurses to progress, specialise and choose a large variety of career pathways.

Benefits for the Practice

  • Managing long-term conditions
  • Providing expert and efficient care to patients
  • Increasing patients’ satisfaction

Benefits for the Patient

  • Assessing, screening and providing patient-centred care
  • Preventing diseases and ill-health
  • Providing advice

Training & Development

The most common route into nursing is by completing a Nursing Degree though there are other routes available, including nursing apprenticeship degrees.

Newly qualified nurses going into general practice may need additional training for the role such as Fundamentals of Primary Care Nursing or New to Practice Programme.

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